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Last updated: 2021-08-30 11:20:38

    What Is TEM?

    Tencent Cloud Elastic Microservice (TEM) is a serverless PaaS platform designed for microservice applications. It perfectly combines serverless resources and the microservice architecture to provide a complete set of out-of-the-box microservice solutions.

    TEM embraces the concept of open source, makes it possible to cloudify Spring Cloud native applications with zero modifications required. It offers a wide range of capabilities such as application hosting, service registration and discovery, microservice governance, and multidimensional monitoring. It also well supports ZooKeeper and Eureka registries.

    Moreover, TEM allows you to create and manage pay-as-you-go cloud resources on demand that can be automatically scaled in seconds, which significantly reduces your OPS resource costs and enables you to fully focus on your core businesses for greater successes.


    TEM provides management features in the following four aspects:

    • Application management: lifecycle management, multiple release policies, and basic auto scaling

    • Microservice management: service registration and discovery, load balancing, and traffic throttling

    • OPS and monitoring: basic monitoring and logging

    • Application migration: non-intrusive migration

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