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Last updated: 2021-06-25 17:48:26

    TEM enables you to quickly deploy microservice applications at low costs without having to modify your code and thus enjoy various capabilities such as serverless resource management, fast auto scaling, and OPS-free operations. In this way, you only need to focus on business logic without caring about the underlying resources.

    Easy Integration

    • TEM supports microservice development and joint testing in the Java language and Spring Cloud framework.
    • It embraces open-source Spring Cloud applications to enable non-intrusive integration with zero code modifications and SDKs required, which decouples business code and vendor platforms. In this way, you can quickly build a microservice platform without having to build components on your own.
    • It supports joint testing between local microservices and between local microservices and cloud microservices.

    Fast Deployment

    TEM manages the entire lifecycle of applications and offers the serverless deployment method, which eliminates the cumbersome workloads of daily capacity estimation, server purchase, and cluster management. In addition, it can automatically scale resources in seconds, which reduces your time costs.

    Multi-Scenario Governance

    • TEM supports multi-scenario microservice governance.
    • It has multi-environment parallel high-availability registries.
    • It supports Spring Cloud application registration, discovery, and call.
    • It enables you to configure various service management scenarios visually, thus simplifying release management.

    OPS and Monitoring

    • TEM allows you to customize the log collection path.
    • It provides a monitoring and alarming mechanism based on basic metrics such as CPU and memory.
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