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Last updated: 2021-06-25 17:48:26

    TEM is suitable for the following use cases:

    Microservice Application

    As the team size and business scale grow, backend services gradually evolve from the monolithic architecture to the microservice architecture. Although the microservice architecture empowers agile development, flexible deployment, and high scalability, it increases the complexity of service governance and OPS and raises their technical thresholds.

    In order to address the aforementioned problems introduced by the microservice architecture, TEM offers out-of-the-box microservice solutions through rich features and capabilities such as application hosting, service registration and discovery, microservice governance, call chain, and multidimensional monitoring. With TEM, you can quickly build microservice applications, improve the OPS efficiency, reduce the complexity and technical threshold of service governance, and focus more on your core businesses for greater successes.

    Auto Scaling

    Ecommerce, video, gaming, securities, and online education applications are prone to traffic surges, access response timeouts, and increased error rates in scenarios where the business traffic volume changes rapidly on a regular basis. TEM can automatically scale resources within seconds to help you tackle traffic peaks with ease.

    Continuous Integration and Delivery

    TEM assists with the continuous integration and delivery as well as fast iteration of microservice applications. From code development to application delivery, its IDEA plugins, multiple deployment methods, and various release policies (e.g., canary release) help you quickly verify the values of your businesses.

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