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Last updated: 2022-09-23 18:16:45

Environment APIs

API Name Feature
CreateEnvironment Creates an environment
DescribeEnvironments Gets the list of tenant environments
DestroyEnvironment Terminates a namespace
ModifyEnvironment Edits an environment

Public Network Routing and Forwarding APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeIngresses Queries the list of ingress rules
DescribeRelatedIngresses Queries the list of ingress rules associated with the application
DeleteIngress Deletes an ingress rule
DescribeIngress Queries an ingress rule
ModifyIngress Creates or updates an ingress rule

Resource APIs

API Name Feature
CreateResource Binds a cloud resource

Application APIs

API Name Feature
CreateApplication Creates an application
GenerateApplicationPackageDownloadUrl Generates the pre-signed download URL for the specified application package
ModifyApplicationInfo Modifies the basic information of an application

Application Deployment APIs

API Name Feature
DeployApplication Deploys an application
DescribeApplicationPods Gets the list of application pods
RestartApplicationPod Restarts an application pod
RollingUpdateApplicationByVersion Configures the rolling update policy for an application

Other APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCosToken Generates a COS temporary key

Application Version APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteApplication Deletes an application
DescribeApplicationsStatus Queries the status of all applications in an environment
RestartApplication Restarts an application
StopApplication Stops an application
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