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Quick Access to TEM Application Through API Gateway

Last updated: 2022-01-20 18:24:12

    API Gateway Overview

    API Gateway is an API hosting service launched by Tencent Cloud, which supports the management of APIs throughout their lifecycle from creation, maintenance, launch, and operation to deactivation. For more information, see API Gateway product documentation.


    This document describes how to quickly use API Gateway to access a TEM application and manage its APIs. With the combination of API Gateway and TEM, you can enjoy the advanced capabilities of API Gateway such as traffic throttling, authentication, and caching for better business outcomes.


    Log in to the TEM console, create an environment, and create and deploy an application.


    Step 1. Configure VPC access for the TEM application

    1. Log in to the TEM console, click Application Management on the left sidebar, and click the target application to enter the application details page .
    2. Click Edit and Update in the Access Configuration section to enter the application access configuration page.
    3. Select VPC access (layer-4 forwarding), select the subnet, protocol, container port, and application listening port, and click Submit. At this point, TEM will automatically create a layer-4 forwarding VPC CLB instance for you.

    Step 2. Create an API Gateway service and bind it to the TEM application

    1. Log in to the API Gateway console and click Service on the left sidebar to enter the service list page.
    2. Select the same region as the TEM application and click Create in the top-left corner to create a service.
      When creating the service, you can select the frontend type (HTTP, HTTPS, or HTTP/HTTPS), access mode (VPC or public network), and instance type (shared or dedicated).
    3. Click the API Gateway service ID to enter the API management page and click Create API.
    4. In the Frontend Configuration step, enter the API name, select HTTP&HTTPS as the frontend type, / as the path, ANY as the request method (to include all requests), and Authentication-free as the authentication type, and click Next.
    5. In the Backend Configuration step, select VPC resource as the backend type, select the VPC where the TEM application deployment environment is located, set the backend domain name, select the CLB instance automatically created by the TEM application (named "cls-xxxdefault{TEM application name}"), select the corresponding listener (i.e., the port mapping set in the previous step), and enter / as the backend address.
    6. At this point, you can see the API you configured and access your TEM application at the default domain name provided by API Gateway.

    Step 3. Access the TEM application through API Gateway

    Call the API Gateway API created in step 2 to access the TEM application through API Gateway.


    • In order to ensure that applications can access API Gateway in a non-intrusive manner, we recommend you bind an API Gateway service to only one TEM application and keep the frontend address and backend address the same. If they are both /, all APIs can be blocked. You can also make separate configurations for some of your application's APIs.
    • You can refer to Overview to bind the plugin to the API Gateway API with a TEM backend and then enjoy advanced features provided by API Gateway.
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