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Updating Metric

Last updated: 2022-06-10 16:43:02

    Request Address

    The address is the instance IP and port, such as, which can be obtained in the console.

    Request Path and Method

    Path: /_metric/${metric_name}/update, where ${metric_name} is the metric name.
    Method: PUT

    Request Parameters


    Request Content

    The tags, time, fields, and options fields are all of the map type and optional. For their formats, please see Creating Metric. The specific requirements are as detailed below:
    tags: you can add tag fields and modify the types of existing tag fields without deleting them.
    time: you cannot modify name but can modify format.
    fields: you can add metric fields and modify the types of existing metric fields without deleting them.
    options attributes are as detailed below:

    Attribute Required Type Description
    expire_day No integer data expiration time, which is a non-zero integer. Once expired, the data will be automatically cleared. By default, data never expires
    refresh_interval No string Data refresh interval, which is 10 seconds by default. The written data can be queried after being refreshed from the memory to disk
    number_of_shards No integer Number of metric shards, which is a positive integer and 3 by default. This parameter can be ignored for small metrics. A large metric can be divided into shards, and each shard can be up to 25 GB in size
    number_of_replicas No integer Number of replicas, which is a positive integer; for example, 1 indicates one master and one replica. The default value is 1
    rolling_period No integer Child metric period (in days), which is a non-zero integer.
    When CTSDB stores data, to facilitate data expiration and improve query efficiency, it stores data into child metrics by the specified time interval, which is subject to the data expiration time by default
    max_string_length No integer Maximum length of a custom string, which is a positive integer. Its maximum value is 32765, and its default value is 256
    default_date_format No string Format of the date data type of custom tags and fields, which is strict_date_optional_time or epoch_millis by default
    indexed_fields No array Fields whose indexes need to be retained in the fields. You can use an array to specify multiple fields
    default_type No string Default type of new fields. Its valid values are tag and field, and its default value is tag

    • As the historical data cannot be modified, after fields are updated, the metric information will not immediately change until the next child metric is generated. If you want to confirm whether the update is successful, you can call the GET /_metric/${metric_name}?v API.
    • Only fields of the short, integer, float data types can be changed to another type. The short type can be changed to the integer or long type, integer to long, and float to double.

    Response Content

    You need to judge whether a request is successful based on the error field. If the response content contains the error field, the request failed. For the error details, please see the error field description.

    Sample Code for curl


    curl -u root:le201909 -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -X PUT 172.16.345.14:9201/_metric/ctsdb_test/update -d'


       "acknowledged": true,
       "message": "update ctsdb metric test111 success!"
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