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Last updated: 2021-11-05 10:31:14

    High Performance

    CTSDB supports bulk write, high-concurrency query, and cluster scaling to linearly improve the system performance.

    Ease of Use

    CTSDB offers a rich set of data types and is compatible with common APIs of Elasticsearch. Its console provides many data management and OPS features, making OPS simpler.

    High Reliability

    CTSDB supports multi-replica distributed deployment and automatic data balancing.

    Low Costs

    CTSDB uses rollup to increase the compression ratio and reduce storage costs.

    Powerful Aggregate Analysis Capabilities

    CTSDB supports commonly used aggregations such as Max, Min, Avg, Percentile, Sum, and Count as well as complex aggregations such as Script, Time Interval, Geo, and Nesting.

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