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Notification on the Change to Database Audit Resource ID

Last updated: 2022-09-19 23:04:25

    Tencent Cloud Database Audit has gradually changed “database audit resource ID” to “database instance resource ID” since June 15, 2022, so that you can view your account’s billing details more clearly.

    Change Time

    From June 15, 2022 (Wednesday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday).


    This change only affects the way your resource IDs are displayed in billing details and has no impacts on billing.


    Why did my bill in June 2022 have two different resource IDs for a unified billing item?

    This is because the resource ID has changed from an ID starting with “dbAudit#” to a database resource ID. Fees incurred by the original resource ID (starting with “dbAudit#”) are only those incurred before the change.

    Will the resource ID change affect other features?


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