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Last updated: 2021-08-17 15:35:25

    Database Expert Service (DBexpert) is a collection of specialized database services provided by the TencentDB experts, such as database architecture design, disaster recovery design, and health diagnosis, which help you get a suitable database design plan before, during, and after cloudification and solve different database problems.

    Service Content

    Database scheme design
    The DBexpert team provides professional advice based on your business characteristics when your business system requires improvements in database performance, security, disaster recovery, etc.:

    • Database architecture design: for business systems that have not been launched, DBexpert offers comprehensive architecture design consultancy with regard to distributed architecture, high availability, disaster recovery, and so on; for launched businesses, it analyzes business systems and database architectures to locate the risks and performance bottlenecks and then suggests temporary and permanent solutions accordingly.
    • Disaster recovery scheme design: in comprehensive consideration of issues such as resource environment, database architecture, system pressure, and security, DBexpert checks, analyzes, and assesses your database system in an all-round manner to help you optimize bottlenecks and eliminate potential risks.
    • Industry-Specific database solution design: DBexpert helps you design a low-risk high-availability technical architecture based on the characteristics of your industry and actual business scenario by leveraging the experience in designing various successful architectures of Tencent Cloud.

    Database health diagnosis
    For your TencentDB instances or self-built databases, if they are not fully optimized, poorly designed, or about to hit a business bottleneck, DBexpert can help you assess and test the database performance to discover and locate system risks and then adjust and optimize database configurations.

    • Capacity model assessment: DBexpert assesses the applicability of your database capacity by checking the resource usage of the database system.
    • Performance analysis: DBexpert uses different methods such as data monitoring and stress testing to assess your current TencentDB system resource usage and calculate the achievable optimal performance metric values.
    • Bottleneck and risk assessment: in comprehensive consideration of issues such as system resource environment, database architecture, and system pressure, DBexpert locates, analyzes, and assesses the bottlenecks and potential risks of your database system.

    Support from database experts
    Tencent Cloud's own experts provide multidimensional database support services, including:

    • Database architecture design: DBexpert designs distributed and high-availability database architectures that meet various needs in different industries.
    • Database performance diagnosis and tuning: DBexpert diagnoses and troubleshoots problems during database use.
    • Data security consultancy: DBexpert improves the overall database security capabilities.
    • Database audit: DBexpert manages the compliance of database operations by auditing them in a fine-grained manner. If an incident occurs, it can generate compliance reports to trace the root cause by logging, analyzing, and reporting user accesses to databases. In addition, it strengthens the logging of database behaviors over private and public networks to further improve the data asset security.
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