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Last updated: 2021-08-19 17:51:00


    IoT Hub integrates secure network transfer protocols (TLS or DTLS) for device connection and data transfer. In this way, every device has its own certificate for authentication, which effectively prevents unauthorized access, data theft, and tampering.


    With the aid of the SDK, console, or TencentCloud API, IoT Hub allows you to quickly enable device data communication without having to worry about the details of the underlying communication protocols (such as MQTT protocol fields).


    With Tencent's years of experience in numerous services to leverage upon, IoT Hub has various features on the backend, such as automatic disaster recovery and load balancing, providing you with 24/7 OPS monitoring services.


    By connecting device data to Tencent Cloud services based on the rule engine, IoT Hub can implement the storage, real-time computation, and intelligent processing and analysis of massive amounts of data with speed and ease.

    Low Cost

    • IoT Hub is billed by the number of sent messages, ensuring low initial costs.
    • IoT Hub's one-stop service architecture reduces labor and time costs for development.
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