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Device Log Reporting

Last updated: 2021-08-20 16:27:33

    Feature Overview

    The device log feature is mainly used for the platform to remotely view the device operation logs. The platform can ask a device to report logs by sending a message. Log levels include ERROR, WARN, INFO, and DEBUG. The following two topics are needed for this feature:

    • Data upstream topic (for publishing): $log/operation/${productid}/${devicename}
    • Data downstream topic (for subscribing): $log/operation/result/${productid}/${devicename}

    Querying Log Level

    1. The device sends a message in JSON format with the following content to the $log/operation/${productid}/${devicename} topic to query whether it should upload logs and the required log level:

       "type": "get_log_level",
       "clientToken": "PPXLSKBUPZ-**"
    2. The device actively queries whether it needs to report logs, or the platform remotely asks the device to enable log reporting. Specifically, the backend sends a message in JSON format with the following content to require log reporting and indicate the log level:

       "type": "get_log_level",
       "clientToken": "PPXLSKBUPZ-**",
       "log_level": 4,
       "result": 0,
       "timestamp": 1619599073
      //log_level: 0: do not report logs; 1: ERROR; 2: WARN; 3: INFO; 4: DEBUG

    Log Upload

    Parameter description

    When a device uploads logs, it needs to carry ProductId and DeviceName to initiate an http/https request to the platform. The request API and parameters are as detailed below:

    • Requested URL:
    • Request method: POST

    Request parameters

    Parameter Required Type Description
    ProductId Yes String Product ID
    DeviceName Yes String Device name
    Message Yes Array Reported log content, which is a string array. The log level needs to be added before each log entry. Currently, DBG, INF, ERR, and WRN are supported

    The API only supports the application/json format.

    Signature generation

    There are two types of signatures for request messages. Key authentication uses the HMACSHA256 algorithm, and certificate authentication uses the RSA_SHA256 algorithm. For more information, please see Signature Algorithm.

    Platform response parameters

    Parameter Type Description
    RequestId String Request ID

    Sample Code

    Request packet

    POST https://ap-guangzhou.gateway.tencentdevices.com/device/reportlog
    Content-Type: application/json
    Host: ap-guangzhou.gateway.tencentdevices.com
    X-TC-Algorithm: HmacSha256
    X-TC-Timestamp: 1551****65
    X-TC-Nonce: 5456
    X-TC-Signature: 2230eefd229f582d8b1b891af7107b91597240707d7****3738f756258d7652c
    {"DeviceName":"AAAAAA","Message":["INFmqtt connect success."],"ProductId":"G8N9****HB"}

    Response packet

      "Response": {
        "RequestId": "f4da4f1f-d72e-40f1-****-349fc0072ba0"
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