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Dynamic Registration API Description

Last updated: 2021-08-20 16:27:32

    Parameter Description

    When a device is dynamically registered, it needs to carry ProductId and DeviceName to initiate an http/https request to the platform. The request API and parameters are as detailed below:

    • Requested URL:

    • Request method: POST

    Request parameters

    Parameter Required Type Description
    ProductId Yes string Product ID
    DeviceName Yes string Device name

    The API only supports the application/json format.

    Signature generation

    Use the HMACSHA256 algorithm to sign the request message. For more information, please see Signature Algorithm.

    Platform response parameters

    Parameter Type Description
    RequestId String Request ID
    Len Int64 Length of the returned payload
    Payload String Returned device registration information, which is encrypted and needs to be decrypted and processed by the device itself

    The encryption process is to convert the raw payload in JSON format into a string, perform AES encryption on it, and then perform Base64 encryption on it. The AES encryption algorithm is CBC mode, where the key length is 128 bits, the first 16 bits of productSecret are taken, and the offset is the character "0" with a length of 16 bits.

    Raw payload content description:

    Key Value Description
    encryptionType 1 Encryption type.
  • 1: certificate authentication
  • 2: key authentication
  • psk 1239466501 Device key. This parameter is available when the product authentication type is key authentication.
    clientCert - String format of device certificate file. This parameter is available when the product authentication type is certificate authentication.
    clientKey - String format of device private key file. This parameter is available when the product authentication type is certificate authentication.

    Sample Code

    Request packet

    POST https://ap-guangzhou.gateway.tencentdevices.com/device/register
    Content-Type: application/json
    Host: ap-guangzhou.gateway.tencentdevices.com
    X-TC-Algorithm: HmacSha256
    X-TC-Timestamp: 1551****65
    X-TC-Nonce: 5456
    X-TC-Signature: 2230eefd229f582d8b1b891af7107b91597****07d778ab3738f756258d7652c

    Response packet

    "Response": {
    "Len": 53,
    "Payload": "031T01DWAoqFePDt71VuZXuLzkUzbIhGOnvMzpAFtNgOjagyFNHVSostNl9ztvhOuRx0dMM/DMoWAXQCfL7jyA==",
    "RequestId": "f4da4f1f-d72e-40f1-****-349fc0072ba0"

    Payload data parsing sample


    The following data is for test only. When you use it formally, please ensure that your information is not leaked.

    1. The raw payload content is:
    2. After Base64-decoding:
    3. AES decryption:
      • Product key: hzvf5LF9S0isvBhDSauWMaIk
      • Data after decryption: {"encryptionType":2,"psk":"lDZ6Uqt+I9E0wW7rvDUs7Q=="}
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