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CoAP-Based Device Connection

Last updated: 2021-08-20 16:39:09

Currently, IoT Hub supports connection over the standard CoAP protocol. For more information, please see RFC 7252.

Differences from Standard CoAP

  1. Currently, only message reporting is supported, i.e., reporting SDK messages to IoT Hub.
  2. The POST method is supported, while GET/PUT/DELETE methods are not.

Security Level of CoAP Channel

  1. DTLS protocol is supported to establish a secure connection.
  2. Asymmetric encryption is supported.

Connection Parameters

  1. Server address. For devices in the Guangzhou region, enter ${ProductId}.iotcloud.tencentdevices.com. Here, ${ProductId} is a variable parameter, and you should replace it with the product ID automatically generated when you create the product.
  2. The connection port is 5684.

URI Specification

The CoAP message is sent to the URI in the format of /${productId}/${deviceName}/xxx, where productId is the product ID registered in the console, and deviceName is the name of the device under the productId.

By default, after a product is created, all devices under it will have the permissions of the following topic classes:

  1. ${productId}/${deviceName}/event for publishing
  2. ${productId}/${deviceName}/control for subscribing
  3. ${productId}/${deviceName}/data for publishing and subscribing

In other words, the URI corresponds to the MQTT topic.

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