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HTTP-Based Device Connection

Last updated: 2021-08-20 16:40:25

Parameter Description

When a device reports a message, it needs to carry ProductId, DeviceName, and TopicName to initiate an http/https request to the platform. The request API and parameters are as detailed below:

  • Requested URL:

  • Request method: POST

Request parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
ProductId Yes String Product ID
DeviceName Yes String Device name
TopicName Yes String Name of the topic for publishing the message
Payload Yes String Content of the published message
PayloadEncoding No String Encoding for the published message. Currently, only Base64-encoding is supported. If this parameter is left empty, the original message content will be sent.
Qos Yes Integer Message QoS level

The API only supports the application/json format.

Signature generation

There are two types of signatures for request messages. Key authentication uses the HMACSHA256 algorithm, and certificate authentication uses the RSA_SHA256 algorithm. For more information, please see Signature Algorithm.

Platform response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String Request ID

Sample Code

Request packet

POST https://ap-guangzhou.gateway.tencentdevices.com/device/publish
Content-Type: application/json
Host: ap-guangzhou.gateway.tencentdevices.com
X-TC-Algorithm: HmacSha256
X-TC-Timestamp: 155****065
X-TC-Nonce: 5456
X-TC-Signature: 2230eefd229f582d8b1b891af7107b915972407****78ab3738f756258d7652c

Response packet

"Response": {
"RequestId": "f4da4f1f-d72e-40f1-****-349fc0072ba0"
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