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Subdevice Firmware Update

Last updated: 2021-09-10 10:41:36


    When a subdevice under a gateway has new features available or vulnerabilities that need to be fixed, firmware update can be quickly performed for it through the device firmware update service.

    How It Works

    During the firmware update process, the gateway needs to use the following two topics to communicate with the cloud on behalf of the subdevice:
    OTA topic

    Below is the sample code:

    This topic is used to publish (upstream) messages, through which the device reports the version number and the download/update progress to the cloud.
    This topic is used to subscribe to (downstream) messages, through which the device receives the update message from the cloud.


    Taking MQTT as an example, the update process of the subdevice is as follows:


    For the specific directions of firmware update, please see Device Firmware Update.

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