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SDK for Java Project Configuration

Last updated: 2021-08-20 18:12:55

    IoT Hub device SDK for Java relies on a secure and powerful data channel to enable IoT developers to quickly connect devices to the cloud for two-way communication. You only need to complete the corresponding project configuration to connect devices.


    Products and devices have been created as instructed in Device Connection Preparations.

    How to Import

    • If you need to use JAR import for project development, you can add dependencies in build.gradle in the module directory as follows:
      dependencies {
       implementation 'com.tencent.iot.hub:hub-device-java:x.x.x'

      You can set the above x.x.x to the latest version according to SDK for Java Release Notes.

    • If you need to develop a project through code integration, you can download the SDK for Java source code from GitHub.

    Connection Authentication

    Two device authentication methods are supported: key authentication and certificate authentication.

    • Key authentication requires ProductID, DevName, and DevPSK.
    • Certificate authentication requires ProductID, CertFile, and PrivateKeyFile.

    Below is the sample code for connection authentication:

    private String mProductID = "YOUR_PRODUCT_ID";
    private String mDevName = "YOUR_DEVICE_NAME";
    private String mDevPSK = "YOUR_DEV_PSK";
    private String mCertFilePath = null;
    private String mPrivKeyFilePath = null;
    TXMqttConnection mqttconnection = new TXMqttConnection(mProductID, mDevName, mDevPSK, new callBack());
    mqttconnection.connect(options, null);
    try {
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
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