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Last updated: 2022-09-28 10:37:20

CA Certificate APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePrivateCA Creates a private CA certificate
DeletePrivateCA Deletes a private CA certificate
DescribePrivateCA Queries private CA certificate details
DescribePrivateCABindedProducts Queries the products bound to a private CA certificate
DescribePrivateCAs Gets the list of private CA certificates
UpdatePrivateCA Updates a private CA certificate

Product APIs

API Name Feature
CreateProduct Creates a product
DeleteProduct Deletes a product
DescribeProduct Queries product details
DescribeProductCA Queries the CA certificates bound to a product
DescribeProducts Obtains the product list
SetProductsForbiddenStatus Enables or disables multiple products at a time
UpdateProductDynamicRegister Updates product dynamic registration

Device APIs

API Name Feature
CreateDevice Creates a device
DeleteDevice Deletes a device
DescribeDevice Queries device details
DescribeDevices Gets the device list
UpdateDeviceLogLevel Sets the device log level
UpdateDevicesEnableState Enables or disables multiple devices

Device Shadow APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteDeviceShadow Deletes a device shadow
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