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Last updated: 2022-05-05 16:02:45


    Tencent Cloud EventBridge is a secure, stable, and efficient serverless event management platform. As the pipeline for automatically collecting, processing, and distributing stream data, EventBridge provides visual configuration to implement quick connection between event sources (such as Kakfa, CloudAudit, and databases) and target objects (such as CLS and SCF). Currently, EventBridge has integrated more than one hundred cloud services to facilitate quick building of distributed event-driven architectures.

    Product Architecture

    The product architecture of EventBridge is as shown below:

    • Event source: Publishes event messages generated by Tencent Cloud services, custom applications, and SaaS applications to event buses.
    • Event bus: Stores received event messages and routes them to event targets based on event rules.
    • Event target: Consumes event messages.


    • Event collection: EventBridge provides a standard event delivery interface for standardized connection of different event sources, such as Tencent Cloud, SaaS, and custom services.
    • Event management: EventBridge provides event management capabilities such as event format match, content filtering, format conversion, tracking, archiving, and replay to better support users in event-driven architecture (EDA).
    • Event delivery: EventBridge supports connections to different types of targets with high scalability and can provide different solutions based on actual business scenarios.
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