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Basic Concepts

Last updated: 2022-05-05 16:02:45


    It is a data record of a status change.

    Event Source

    It is a source that produces an event. The types of event sources include:

    • Tencent Cloud service: Tencent Cloud services connected to EventBridge as an event source.
    • Custom application: your applications.

    Event Bus

    An event bus receives events from event sources. Event buses are divided into two types:

    • Tencent Cloud service event bus: You can choose the Tencent Cloud service event bus to receive events from the Tencent Cloud services you use.
    • Custom event bus: It is an event bus created and managed by yourself and is used to receive events generated by your applications. Events of your applications can be published only to your custom event buses.

    Event Rule

    It is used to monitor events of the specified types. When a matched event occurs, it will be routed to the event target associated with the corresponding event rule. A rule can be associated with one or multiple event targets and contains:

    • Event match: matched event pattern, which decides what events can be sent to the associated event targets.
    • Event target: event processing terminal that consumes events.

    Event Pattern

    It is a module that filters events. An event pattern can filter all fields of CloudEvents including data and is described in JSON format.

    Event Target

    It is an event processing terminal that consumes events. Event targets are generally Tencent Cloud services.


    It actively pulls events from the specified event sources and pushes them to custom buses in EventBridge.

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