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Event Structure

Last updated: 2021-12-16 17:02:54

An event is a data record of a status change. This document describes the details of event parameters in EventBridge.

Event release from an event source to EventBridge needs to comply with CloudEvents specifications. For more information, please see CloudEvents - Version 1.0.

Below is a sample structure of event release from an event source to EventBridge:

"datacontenttype": "application/json;charset=utf-8",

The event parameters are as detailed below:

Field Description Data Type
specversion Event structure version (CloudEvents version, which is 1.0.2 currently). String
id ID returned by PUT Event. String
type Type of the event input through PUT Event. The value is COS:Created:PostObject by default for a Tencent Cloud service. Different types are separated with colons. String
source Event source (which is required for a Tencent Cloud service event and is the abbreviation of subjuect). The value is xxx.cloud.tencent by default for a Tencent Cloud service. String
subjuect Event source details, which can be customized. QCS description such as qcs::dts:ap-guangzhou:appid/uin:xxx is used for a Tencent Cloud service by default. String
timer Event time, which is a GMT+0 timestamp in milliseconds such as 1615430559146. Timestamp
datacontenttype Data structure declaration. String
region Region information. String
data Details of the event input through PUT Event. String

There are two types of events published from event sources to EventBridge:

  • Tencent Cloud service event
    Tencent Cloud services are automatically connected to EventBridge as event sources.
  • Custom application event
    When connecting your application as an event source, you need to configure the corresponding API/SDK for connection.
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