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Configuring TDMQ Connector

Last updated:2022-05-05 16:02:46


    You can configure a TDMQ connector to consume content in TDMQ message queues. A TDMQ connector is implemented in the pull pattern. It automatically pulls TDMQ content and routes events to relevant services through event rules. This document describes how to create a TDMQ connector and the structure of events generated by the TDMQ connector.


    Currently, a TDMQ connector can consume only content in TDMQ-Pulsar message queues.


    You have created an event bus.


    1. Log in to the EventBridge console and select Event Bus on the left sidebar.
    2. In the Event Bus list, select the event bus for which you want to configure a TDMQ connector.
    3. On the Event Bus Details page, click Add in the connector configuration section.
    4. Enter information as instructed.
      Here, select TDMQ for Connector Type and enter other configuration items as prompted.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Select Event Rule on the left sidebar.
    7. In the drop-down lists at the top of the Event Rule page, select the same connector information as that set during connector creation and click Create Event Rule as shown below:
    8. Enter the relevant information as prompted as shown below:

      Here, select Message Queue TDMQ for Tencent Cloud service and configure the delivery target.
    9. Click OK.

    TDMQ connector data structure description

      "specversion": "1.0",
      "id": "13a3f42d-7258-4ada-da6d-023a333b4662",
      "type": "connector:tdmq",
      "source": "tdmq.cloud.tencent",
      "subject": "qcs::tdmq:$region:$account:topicName/$topicSets.clusterId/$topicSets.environmentId/$topicSets.topicName/$topicSets.subscriptionName",
      "time": "1615430559146",
      "region": "ap-guangzhou",
      "datacontenttype": "application/json;charset=utf-8",
      "data": {
                "topic":  "persistent://appid/namespace/topic-1",
              "tags": "testtopic",
                "TopicType": "0",
                "subscriptionName": "xxxxxx",
                "toTimestamp": "1603352765001",
              "partitions": "0",
                "msgId": "123345346",
                "msgBody": "Hello from TDMQ!"

    The parameters are described as follows:

    Parameter Description
    topic Complete topic path, such as persistent://appid/namespace/topic-1.
    tags TDMQ tag.
    topictype Topic type:
  • 0: general message.
  • 1: global sequential message.
  • 2: local sequential message.
  • 3: retry queue.
  • 4: dead letter queue.
  • subscriptionName Subscription name.
    timestamp Timestamp accurate down to the millisecond.
    partitions TMDQ queue consumption partition.
    msgId TDMQ message ID.
    msgBody TDMQ message body.
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