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SaaS Connector

Last updated: 2021-12-24 11:49:00


    As a new type of cloud integration service, Tencent Cloud Enterprise Integration Service (EIS) connects different systems or businesses in and outside enterprises to the same platform and implements various features such as resource integration, data orchestration, and business connection between systems by reusing best practices and quickly building system integration models, which meet enterprises' requirements for a lightweight, all-around, and flexible integrated system.

    Currently, EIS has been fully connected to EventBridge. You can configure a SaaS connector to receive and consume the events of third-party SaaS services from EIS for linkage between cloud events and SaaS businesses. This document describes how to create a SaaS connector and the SaaS connector data structure.


    You have created an event bus.


    Creating event bus and connector

    1. Log in to the EventBridge console and select Event Bus on the left sidebar.
    2. In the Event Bus list, select the event bus for which you want to configure a SaaS connector.
    3. Click Add in the connector configuration section on the Event Bus Details page
    4. Here, select SaaS for Connector Type
    5. Enter the EIS console.

      If you use a sub-account, you need to have the admin permissions to perform more operations. Please configure the permissions in Member Management in the EIS console.

    6. On the integration project list page, click a project name to enter the project details page.
    7. On the Application Management tab, select Add Application or Import Application
    8. On the Application Management list page, click an application name to enter the application details page.
    9. Select the corresponding flow to enter the flow details page
    10. On the flow details page, click Create Connector and select EventBridge > Event Delivery.
    11. Set the default and connector configurations as prompted and click Save.

      In Edit Connector Configuration, enter the configuration information.

    12. Click Publish.

    Creating event rule

    1. Log in to the EventBridge console and select Event Rule on the left sidebar.
    2. On the Event Rule page, select a region and event bus and click Create Event Rule.
    3. Enter the relevant information as prompted
      Here, select SaaS event delivery for Tencent Cloud Service Type and configure the event target.
    4. Click OK to complete connector creation and match rule settings. Then, all SaaS events from EIS can be processed and consumed through EventBridge.

    SaaS connector data structure description

      "specversion": "0",      
      "id": "13a3f42d-7258-4ada-da6d-023a333b4662",  
      "type": "adapter:eis",  
      "source": "eis.cloud.tencent",
      "time": "1615430559146",  
      "region": "ap-guangzhou",  
      "datacontenttype": "application/json;charset=utf-8",  
      "resource": [    "qcs::eb:ap-guangzhou:uid1250000000:eventbusid/eventruleid"  ],  
      "data": {
            "payload": "test_value" 

    Some parameters in data are completely subject to the event content delivered by EIS. You can specify the content to be delivered in the data field based on your actual business needs.

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