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Cloud Audit Event

Last updated: 2022-05-05 16:02:46


    Tencent Cloud CloudAudit can be used to retrieve the historical records of API calls under your Tencent Cloud account, including API calls via the Tencent Cloud console, Tencent Cloud SDKs, command line tools, and other Tencent Cloud services. This means that any deployment behavior on Tencent Cloud is monitored, and you can find out the source IP address and time when a sub-user or collaborator calls a Tencent Cloud API.

    Currently, Tencent Cloud CloudAudit has been fully integrated into EventBridge. You can use the default Tencent Cloud service event bus to receive write operations on the cloud for management and Ops. For the services and APIs that support CloudAudit, see CloudAudit-Enabled Services and APIs.

    Event Format

      "subject":"${resource ID}",
      "time": 1615430559146,
          ${Raw API operation log}

    The event parameters are as detailed below:

    Field Description Data Type
    specversion Event structure version (CloudEvents version. Currently, only CloudEvents - Version 1.0 is supported.) String
    id ID returned by PUT Event. String
    type Type of the event input through PUT Event. CloudAudit events are classified into three types based on the event source: ${Product name abbreviation}:CloudEvent:ApiCall, ${Product name abbreviation}:CloudEvent:ConsoleCall, ${Product name abbreviation}:CloudEvent:MiniProgramCall. String
    source Event source (which is required for a Tencent Cloud service event and is the abbreviation of subject). The value is xxx.cloud.tencent by default for a Tencent Cloud service. String
    subject Event source details, which can be customized. QCS description such as qcs::dts:ap-guangzhou:appid/uin:xxx is used for a Tencent Cloud service by default. String
    time Event time, which is a GMT+0 timestamp in milliseconds such as 1615430559146. Timestamp
    datacontenttype Data structure declaration. String
    region Region information. String
    data Details of the event input through PUT Event. For a CloudAudit event, pass in the complete CloudAudit log here. Json

    Call Method

    Before receiving CloudAudit events, make sure that you have activated the CloudAudit service and created related service roles.

    1. Log in to the EventBridge console and open the Tencent Cloud service event bus under the Guangzhou region.
    2. On the event bus details page, select to enable CloudAudit.
    3. On the Event Rule page, select an event bus, create an event rule, filter event types, and bind delivery targets. For detailed directions, see Creating Event Rule.
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