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CLS Log Target

Last updated: 2022-06-13 11:49:14

    As an event delivery pipeline on the cloud, EventBridge only filters, routes, and distributes events. If you need to log or store events, you can configure CLS as the delivery target.

    Permission Description

    To ensure normal log viewing, your account must have at least the read-only permission QcloudCLSReadOnlyAccess of CLS if you are using a sub-account. For how to use the root account to grant permissions for a sub-account, see Authorization Management.

    Feature Description

    Currently, EventBridge supports two delivery methods: default logset delivery and custom logset delivery.

    When creating a delivery target, if you do not specify the destination topic for log delivery, the default log delivery capability will be used. For default log delivery, EventBridge will activate the CLS service for you and deliver the function invocation logs to the log topic under the EventBridge's default logset. The EventBridge's default logset and log topic are prefixed with EB_logset and EB_logtopic respectively, and will be created automatically if they do not exist. Function invocation logs will be stored for 30 days by default, and you can view and manage them in the CLS console.


    CLS is billed separately. Starting from October 22, 2021, EventBridge's default logset was provided with an exclusive free quota of 1 GB of data for 30 days of storage. Details are as follows.

    Billable ItemQuota/Day
    Write traffic256 MB
    Index traffic1 GB
    Log storage7.5 GB
    Index storage30 GB
    Partition1 partition
    This free quota is exclusive for EventBridge's default logset. The fee deduction sequence is as follows: Global default free quota > Free quota exclusive for EventBridge's default logset > Normal pay-as-you-go fee deduction.

    Configuration Instructions

    1. View and manage logs
      After creating a delivery target, you can choose Event Rule > Event Target to view the bound logset and log topic, and click the log topic to go to the CLS console to view and manage logs.
      EventBridge's default logset is marked with "EB" in the CLS console. If you have requirements such as persistent event storage, perform further configuration and management in the CLS console.
    2. Manage indexes
      Log searching depends on the index configuration of the log topic. For the default logset, EventBridge automatically performs index configuration for you. Currently, the following index fields are supported:

      If you select a custom logset, ensure that the logset is also configured with the following indexes. Otherwise, events cannot be queried on the CLS side after being delivered.

      Field Name Field Type Delimiter Allow Chinese Characters
      sourceType text N/A No
      caller text N/A No
      eventbusId text N/A No
      status text N/A No
      specversion text N/A No
      id text N/A No
      type text N/A No
      source text N/A No
      subject text N/A No
      region text N/A No
      datacontenttype text N/A No
      tags text N/A No
      data text N/A No
      time text N/A No
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