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Queue and Message Identifiers

Last updated: 2022-02-11 11:44:48

    When using TDMQ for CMQ, you need to get familiar with the following three identifiers: queue name, message ID, and receipt handler.

    Queue Name

    When creating a queue, you need to give it a unique name in the current region. Queue names can be the same in different regions. TDMQ for CMQ uniquely identifies a queue based on its region and name. When performing an operation on a queue, you always need to provide these two parameters.

    Message ID

    Each message will receive a message ID in the format of Msg-XXXXXXXX assigned by the Tencent Cloud system. It is used to identify a message and can be returned to you through the SendMessage API request. It should be noted that the message receipt handler instead of message ID is required during message deletion.

    Receipt Handler

    Whenever a message is received from a queue, a receipt handler of the message will also be received, which is always relevant to the message receipt operation rather than the message itself. To delete a message or modify message attributes, the receipt handler instead of the message ID needs to be provided, which means that a message can be deleted/modified only after it is received.


    If a message is received more than once, the obtained receipt handler will differ with each receipt. When a message deletion request is initiated, the latest received receipt handler must be provided; otherwise, the message may not be deleted.

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