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Topic Management

Last updated: 2022-06-29 11:15:17


    The topic model is similar to the publish/subscribe design pattern. A topic is the unit for sending messages, and subscribers under a topic are equivalent to observers. A topic will actively push published messages to subscribers.

    This document describes how to create or delete a topic in TDMQ for CMQ.


    Creating topic

    1. Log in to the TDMQ for CMQ console.
    2. Select Topic Subscription on the left sidebar, select the region, click Create, and enter the information as prompted.
      • Topic Name: It can contain up to 64 letters, digits, "-", or "_", and must start with a letter. It cannot be modified once created.
      • Message Heap: Messages will be heaped temporarily if the message push is not triggered or the subscriber fails to receive them.
    • Message Filter Type:

      • Tag: TDMQ for CMQ can match message tags for production and subscription, which can be used for message filtering. For detailed rules, see Tag Key Matching Feature Description.
      • Routing Matching: The binding key and routing key are used together and are fully compatible with the topic match mode of RabbitMQ. The routing key carried when a message is sent is added by the client, and the binding key carried when a subscription is created is the binding relationship between the topic and the subscriber. For detailed rules, see Routing Key Matching Feature Description.
    • Resource Tag: It is optional and can help you easily categorize and manage TDMQ for CMQ resources in many dimensions. For detailed usage, see Managing Resource with Tag.

      Deleting topic

    In the topic list, click Delete in the Operation column of the target topic to delete it. No messages will be pushed to this topic after it is deleted.

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