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Use Limits

Last updated: 2022-07-04 16:38:20

    This document lists the limits of certain metrics and performance in TDMQ for RocketMQ. Be careful not to exceed the limits during use so as to avoid exceptions.


    Limit Description
    Maximum number of clusters per region 5
    Cluster name length 3–64 characters


    Limit Description
    Maximum number of namespaces per cluster 10
    Maximum TPS per namespace 8,000
    Maximum bandwidth (production + consumption) per namespace 400 Mbps
    Namespace name length 3–64 characters


    Limit Description
    Maximum number of topics per cluster 1,000
    Topic name length 3–64 characters
    Maximum number of producers per topic 1,000
    Maximum number of consumers per topic 500


    Limit Description
    Maximum number of groups per cluster 10,000
    Group name length 3–64 characters


    Limit Description
    Maximum message retention period 15 days
    Maximum message delay 40 days
    Maximum message size 5 MB
    Consumption offset reset 15 days
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