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API Documentation

Last updated: 2022-10-14 15:15:42

    Below are APIs in TDMQ for RocketMQ.

    Cluster APIs

    API Description
    DeleteRocketMQCluster Deletes RocketMQ cluster
    ModifyRocketMQCluster Updates RocketMQ cluster information
    DescribeRocketMQCluster Gets the information of specific RocketMQ cluster
    DescribeRocketMQClusters Gets the list of RocketMQ clusters
    CreateRocketMQCluster Creates RocketMQ cluster

    Namespace APIs

    API Description
    DescribeRocketMQNamespaces Gets the list of RocketMQ namespaces
    CreateRocketMQNamespace Creates RocketMQ namespace
    ModifyRocketMQNamespace Updates RocketMQ namespace

    Topic APIs

    API Description
    CreateRocketMQTopic Creates RocketMQ topic
    ModifyRocketMQTopic Updates RocketMQ topic
    DeleteRocketMQTopic Deletes RocketMQ topic
    DescribeRocketMQTopics Gets the list of RocketMQ topics

    Consumer Group APIs

    API Description
    ModifyRocketMQGroup Updates RocketMQ consumer group
    DeleteRocketMQGroup Deletes RocketMQ consumer group
    DescribeRocketMQGroups Gets the list of RocketMQ consumer groups
    CreateRocketMQGroup Creates RocketMQ consumer group
    ResetRocketMQConsumerOffSet Resets RocketMQ consumption offset

    Role APIs

    API Description
    CreateRole Creates role
    ModifyRole Modifies role
    DescribeRoles Modifies environment role
    CreateRocketMQGroup Gets the list of roles
    DeleteEnvironmentRoles Deletes environment role
    CreateEnvironmentRole Creates environment role
    DeleteRoles Deletes role
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