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Last updated: 2022-11-07 16:21:10

TDMQ for RocketMQ is available in forms of exclusive cluster and virtual cluster as compared below:

Feature Exclusive Cluster Virtual Cluster
Version compatibility Compatible with open-source version 4.9 and earlier Compatible with open-source version 4.9 and earlier
Instance type Physical isolation of resources Logical isolation of resources, where underlying physical resources are shared.
Billing mode Monthly subscription as priced on the purchase page Pay-as-you-go as priced on the purchase page
TPS range On-demand purchase based on different node specifications Suitable for below 4000 TPS
Scaling Flexible scaling, where the number of nodes, node specifications (coming soon), and storage space can be expanded separately. Not supported
Broker repair and upgrade time Quick upgrade Subject to virtual cluster resources, it takes a long time to upgrade.
Availability 99.99% 99.95%
High availability Custom multi-AZ deployment in the same region is supported to improve the disaster recovery capabilities. Multi-AZ deployment in the same region is not supported.
Technical support Parameter optimization consulting services are supported, helping you customize parameter configurations for certain special business scenarios. You can submit a ticket for application. Basic troubleshooting and problem fixing
Event support Event support is provided for major events such as product upgrade, business launch, and promotion campaign to ensure smooth business operations. Not supported
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