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Basic Monitoring

Last updated: 2021-12-15 18:00:52

    You can choose the basic monitoring components you need when installing the Prometheus agent, but in some cases, you may want to turn on or off some monitoring components later.


    • The Prometheus agent has been installed in the TKE cluster. For more information, please see Agent Management.
    • Click a Cluster ID in the TKE cluster list to enter the Integrate with TKE page.

    Monitoring Components

    Component Usage
    core-dns Collects DNS monitoring metric data
    kube-apiserver Collects APISever monitoring metric data
    kube-etcd Collects Etcd monitoring metric data
    kube-controller-manager Collects Controller Manager monitoring metric data
    kube-scheduler Collects Scheduler monitoring metric data
    node-exporter Collects node monitoring metric data
    kube-state-metrics Collects TKE cluster status monitoring metric data
    kubelet Collects Kubelet and container monitoring metric data
    kube-proxy Collects Kube Proxy monitoring metric data


    1. In the basic monitoring component list, you can enable components in the Disabled status.
    2. In the basic monitoring component list, you can disable components in the Enabled status.

      The corresponding operation is asynchronous and takes about 2–3 minutes.

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