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Scrape Task Status

Last updated: 2021-12-15 18:00:52

    You can easily view the running status of Prometheus scrape tasks to check whether the monitoring data is normally scraped by the Prometheus agent in real time.


    • The Prometheus agent has been installed in the TKE cluster. For more information, please see Agent Management.
    • Click a Cluster ID in the TKE cluster list to enter the Integrate with TKE page.


    • If the status of a scrape task is not found, the Prometheus agent has not correctly obtained the configuration of the corresponding scrape task. Please check whether the configuration is correct.
    • The red value indicates the number of scrape tasks that failed under this task. You can expand them to view the specific failure causes.


    1. Click Targets on the Integrate with TKE page to view all scrape tasks of the current Prometheus agent and the failure causes as shown below:

    2. You can also view the more detailed monitoring status of scrape tasks through the Grafana service provided by TMP. To do so, open Grafana to view the preset Prometheus dashboard as shown below:
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