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Purchase Methods

Last updated: 2022-03-11 18:35:16
    This document describes the two purchase methods of ECM: console and API.

    Purchasing in Console

    After logging in to the ECM console, you can create an ECM module and deploy ECM instances on an edge node to purchase the ECM service. ECM has two billable items: computing storage and network bandwidth. For more information, see Billing Overview. You can purchase ECM in the console in the following steps:
    1. Log in to the ECM console.
    2. Create an ECM module and select parameters such as instance configuration and network bandwidth based on your business needs.
    3. Set the password, image, and bandwidth in the ECM module and select an edge node and the number of ECM instances to be deployed.
    4. After confirming that the edge node region and number of ECM instances are correct, submit the instance creation order.
    5. After you make the payment, the system will deploy ECM instances in the corresponding edge node region according to the order.
    After ECM instances are created, they will be billed by the resource usage; therefore, ensure that your account balance is sufficient. Insufficient balance may cause overdue payment and instance repossession. For more information, see Payment Overdue.
    You can purchase ECM instances based on your actual needs by referring to Billing Overview.

    Purchasing via API

    You can purchase ECM through an API as instructed in the API document for instance creation.
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