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Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-12-16 11:16:21


    RCE can effectively identify large-scale prize cheating in marketing campaigns such as lucky draws, coupons, and flash sales and prevent sellers or buyers from fraudulently claiming discounts and gifts from ecommerce platforms through fake transactions.

    RCE helps save hundreds of millions of CNY in marketing for ecommerce enterprises.

    Live Streaming

    RCE can identify and block various fraudulent activities in the live streaming industry, such as fake registrations, fake clicks, and ranking manipulation. It can effectively identify the case where the host and audience partner up to send gifts using free-gifted vouchers and cash them out.

    RCE assists enterprises in detecting maliciously registered accounts, and lowers the number of fake followers and malicious cashing out activities.


    RCE can identify and block fraudulent activities performed around account coupons in O2O businesses. It can effectively recognize identity forgery in scenarios where new users are offered rewards or discounts on their first order in apps.

    RCE helps enterprises screen out high numbers of malicious bargain hunting accounts and spam accounts, which reduces their operating costs by more than 30% every year.


    Airlines often experience black market activities such as seat grabbing, crawlers, and marketing frauds.

    RCE helps prevent malicious bargain hunting and reduce the losses caused.

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