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DMC Management

Last updated: 2021-12-29 14:38:08

    This document describes the features of DMC, such as database/table creation, database management, instance monitoring, instance session management, and visualized table data editing.

    Database/Table Creation

    1. Log in to the DMC console and select Create > Create Database > Create Database or Create > Create Table on the navigation bar at the top.
    2. In the pop-up dialog box, configure the new database or table and click OK or Submit.

      For more information on the character set and collation, please see MySQL's official documentation.

      • Database creation dialog box:
      • Table creation dialog box:

    Database Management

    Log in to the DMC console, select Database Management on the navigation bar at the top, and create, edit, or delete databases on the displayed page.

    Instance Session Management

    Log in to DMC, select Instance Session on the navigation bar at the top, and enter the instance session management page. You can view the details of all database sessions in the instance from four dimensions: session overview, users, access sources, and databases.
    DMC allows you to kill sessions, facilitating your session management.

    SQL Window

    Log in to the DMC console, select SQL Window on the navigation bar at the top, or click SQL Operation on the Operation menu on the left sidebar to access the SQL window, which supports the following features:

    • Run SQL commands and view results
    • Optimize SQL statement formats
    • View SQL command execution plans
    • Save commonly used SQL statements
    • Use SQL templates
    • Export SQL statement execution results

    Data Management

    Log in to the DMC console, select Data Management > Data Importing or Data Exporting on the navigation bar at the top, and you can import data into or export data from a database.

    Visualized Table Data Editing

    DMC for MySQL supports inserting, deleting, and updating data. You can click a table in the left Table list to insert, delete, and update its data in batches in the right pane, and then click OK in the Quick Operation pane to preview the SQL statements and implement the modification.

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