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Last updated: 2022-03-02 12:20:10

    What Is Cloud Data Warehouse?

    Cloud Data Warehouse offers easy-to-use, flexible, and stable ClickHouse hosting services in the cloud. A data warehouse can be created in minutes for massive real-time data query and analysis, thereby improving the overall efficiency of data value mining.

    Is Cloud Data Warehouse compatible with open-source ClickHouse?

    Yes, their kernels are fully compatible.

    What is a cluster node?

    It is a basic storage and compute unit in a cluster. The more the nodes, the larger the capacity and the higher the performance of the cluster.

    What are node specifications?

    They are the resource configurations of a compute node, including CPU, memory, and disk. They differ in performance and storage volume.

    What data sources does Cloud Data Warehouse support?

    You can import data from TencentDB for MySQL, CKafka, and EMR seamlessly to Cloud Data Warehouse for analysis and computing.

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