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Last updated: 2022-03-02 11:38:14

    Ease of Use

    You can create a ClickHouse analysis cluster in minutes in the console. A diversity of features such as OPS management, monitoring, and alarming free you from underlying infrastructure management and let you focus on analyzing data value with complete SQL statements.

    Superior Performance

    Cloud Data Warehouse leverages distributed massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, allowing you to process queries several times faster than traditional data warehouses, even up to terabytes of data per second per query.

    Elastic Scalability

    The Cloud Data Warehouse console simplifies and accelerates cluster scaling and node configuration adjustment, dynamically supporting your business growth with high scalability.

    Security and Reliability

    Your clusters are independently deployed in isolated VPCs for more secure data access. Moreover, Cloud Data Warehouse comprehensively supports high cluster availability to implement service disaster recovery and failover imperceptible to users.

    High Cost-Effectiveness

    Cloud Data Warehouse enables you to build highly cost-effective managed ClickHouse clusters with devices in the cloud. This includes leveraging the 10x data compression algorithm of ClickHouse to efficiently reduce disk usage and costs compared with traditional data warehouses.

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