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Last updated: 2022-03-02 11:34:19

    Cloud Data Warehouse offers easy-to-use, flexible, and stable ClickHouse hosting services in the cloud. A data warehouse can be created in minutes for massive real-time data query and analysis, thereby improving the overall efficiency of data value mining. By leveraging the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, it can query data several times faster than traditional data warehouses.


    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Data Warehouse enables you to build a data warehouse at the terabyte or even petabyte scale in just a few minutes. With the mature cluster management functionality, it saves the heavy workload of human OPS to implement expense management, cluster configuration adjustment, and parameter configuration in the console.

    OPS and Monitoring

    Cloud Data Warehouse visualizes monitoring data so that you can view and stay up to date with cluster operations in a timely manner.

    High-Performance Analysis

    Cloud Data Warehouse allows you to linearly scale the storage and computing capabilities to process queries several times faster than traditional data warehouses, even up to terabytes of data per second per query, with the excellent query performance of ClickHouse and the distributed massively parallel processing (MPP) framework.

    Storage-Compute Separation

    Within a Cloud Data Warehouse cluster, configurations are performed separately for storage and compute nodes, so that you can scale them independently as needed to reduce hardware costs.

    Security and Reliability

    Your clusters can be independently deployed in isolated VPCs for more secure data access. Moreover, Cloud Data Warehouse comprehensively supports the data replica mechanism to implement service disaster recovery and failover imperceptible to users.

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