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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-03-02 11:39:30

    Cloud Data Warehouse has three billable items and supports pay-as-you-go billing mode.

    Billable Items

    The three billable items of a Cloud Data Warehouse cluster are as detailed below:

    Billable Item Description
    Compute node Fees incurred by CVM resources consumed by compute nodes
    ZooKeeper node Fees incurred by CVM resources consumed by ZooKeeper nodes
    Storage Fees incurred by storage resources consumed by compute or ZooKeeper nodes

    Billing Mode

    Billing Mode Payment Mode Use Case
    Pay-as-you-go Postpaid, where you should make a payment before creating clusters and using resources. It is suitable for short-term use cases, such as testing and immediate release after use.

    Specification Pricing

    Different Cloud Data Warehouse specifications are as priced below:

    Node Specification Pay-As-You-Go (USD/Hour)
    Standard 4-core 16 GB 0.25438
    Standard 8-core 32 GB 0.477792
    Standard 16-core 64 GB 0.926828
    Standard 32-core 128 GB 2.594676
    Standard 64-core 256 GB 5.1429
    Standard 128-core 256 GB 6.197076
    Big Data 64-core 256 GB 9.381092
    Big Data 84-core 320 GB 11.48028
    High I/O 32-core 128 GB 3.437448
    High I/O 64-core 256 GB 6.843928
    High I/O 84-core 320 GB 8.412236

    The three Cloud Data Warehouse storage media are as priced below:

    Storage Type Pay-As-You-Go (USD/GB/Hour)
    Premium Cloud Storage 0.000079
    SSD cloud disk 00.0004266
    Enhanced SSD cloud disk 0.0005214
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