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Backup and Restore

Last updated: 2022-03-02 12:11:28

    Feature Overview

    This document describes how to back up and restore ClickHouse cluster tables in the console. In particular, you can periodically back up metadata and data tables, where metadata can be backed up to COS to restore table structures. You can also back up table data and restore it with the backup snapshot as needed. Data will be restored to a new database without affecting the existing data.


    1. During a backup, make sure that the cluster has a unique v_cluster that contains all nodes.
    2. You can back up metadata several times per week and table data once a week at most.
    3. You can restore data backups but not metadata backups. You can restore a table only once. Delete or rename the already restored table if you want to restore it again.
    4. For ReplicatedMergeTree tables, you can only back up the data table of the first replica of each shard defined by v_cluster.
    5. A data table will always be restored to a MergeTree local table.

    Directions in Console

    1. Log in to the Cloud Data Warehouse console, select the target cluster in Cluster List, and click the Backup and Restore tab on the cluster details page.
    2. Toggle on data backup in the top-left corner.
    3. Then, a metadata backup policy will be generated by default, which can be edited in the Metadata Backup Policy module.
    4. You can also click a data backup policy to edit it. Configure the backup day, backup start time, and validity period, select the table to be backed up, and pay attention to the IP of the node where the data table resides.
    5. After setting the table backup policy, you can click View Details to view and confirm the backup status.
    6. A backup record will be generated for each periodic backup.

      Data restoration and task deletion can be performed for backups. Data restoration will restore the backed up tables as local tables to a new database on the corresponding ClickHouse node in the IP dimension. Task deletion is only a soft deletion, where COS data will still be stored in the corresponding directory you select and need to be deleted manually.
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