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ClickHouse Client Overview

Last updated: 2022-03-02 12:19:12

    Cloud Data Warehouse provides two types of client APIs over HTTP and TCP protocols respectively.

    Over HTTP

    HTTP is mainly used to support simple lightweight operations and suitable in cross-platform and cross-programming language scenarios. The clickhouse-server process on the EMR cluster can start the HTTP service at port 8123 to send simple GET requests in order to check whether the service is normal.

    $ curl

    You can also send requests through query parameters. For example, the following sample code is to query data in the account table in testdb:

    $ wget -q -O- ' * from testdb.account'1       GHua    WuHan Hubei     19902       SLiu    ShenZhen Guangzhou      19913       JPong   Chengdu Sichuan 1992

    For other methods, see HTTP Interface.

    Over TCP

    TCP is used mainly on clickhouse-client. You can enter the clickhouse-client command in the Cloud Data Warehouse cluster to get information such as the version information, address of the connected clickhouse-server, and database used by default. You can run quit, exit, or q to exit.

    $ clickhouse-client
    ClickHouse client version
    Connecting to localhost:9000 as user default.
    Connected to ClickHouse server version 19.16.12 revision 54427.

    Main parameters used by ClickHouse client:

    Parameter Description
    -C --config-file Specifies the configuration file used by the client
    -h --host Specifies the ClickHouse server IP address
    --port Specifies the ClickHouse server port address
    -u --user Username
    --password Password
    -d --database Database name
    -V --version Displays the client version
    -E --vertical Displays query results in vertical format
    -q --query Passes in SQL statements in non-interactive mode
    -t --time Displays the execution time in non-interactive mode
    --log-level Client log level
    --send_logs_level Specifies the level of log data returned by the server
    --server_logs_file Specifies the server-side log storage path

    For more parameters, see Command-line Client.

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