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Last updated: 2022-04-18 16:57:31

    In terms of implementation, HTTPDNS simply replaces the DNS protocol with the HTTP protocol for resolving domains. However, this replacement brings enormous benefits:

    Elimination of DNS Query Exceptions

    A DNS request bypasses the local DNS of the ISP and is directly passed through the IP of the HTTPDNS server, thereby eliminating DNS exceptions.

    Accurate Scheduling

    HTTPDNS directly gets users' real IPs and leverages DNSPod's proprietary IP library and speed test system created with patented technologies to route requests to the optimal and fastest IDC node.

    Low Implementation Costs

    To connect your business to HTTPDNS, only small modifications to the client are required at the access layer, with no need to root or jailbreak users' mobile devices. In addition, the simple structure of an HTTP request makes it compatible with various mobile operating systems. Overall, with the aid of HTTPDNS, DNS exceptions are addressed at minimum modification costs while the demand for accurate traffic scheduling is met.

    High Scalability

    HTTPDNS provides a reliable DNS service, which allows your business to combine its own scheduling logic with the result returned by HTTPDNS to achieve more refined traffic scheduling. For example, you can specify to connect clients on a certain version to a specified IP address or to connect users on a network of a certain type to a specified IP address.

    In summary, HTTPDNS can effectively avoid failures to access the expected optimal access point and therefore prevent business inaccessibility due to exceptions in the local DNS used by mobile internet users.

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