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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-02-09 16:16:20

    Improved User Experience

    RUM collects users' usage information in real time through the trends of changes in key performance metrics, including page error, page loading time, and API success rate, so that you can improve the page browsing experience based on such trend information and user health scores.


    RUM actively collects the information of errors, such as JavaScript code errors, API information errors, resource loading exceptions, and Promise exceptions. It also monitors slow page details, such as firstScreenTime and request response. Then, it associates and analyzes exceptional metrics in multiple dimensions through the page loading waterfall plot, Core Web Vitals (views of three key network performance metrics designed by Google), and regional view to locate exception causes.

    Performance Optimization

    RUM supports multidimensional views by region, ISP, network, and device/machine type. You can compare and analyze frontend performance metrics based on user characteristics and views to optimize the web application performance in a more targeted manner.

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