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Payment Overdue

Last updated: 2022-02-09 16:16:20

    This document describes the RUM service status when your account has overdue payments.

    Overdue Payment Policy for Pay-as-You-Go Billing

    Suspension mechanism

    • The RUM service is still available within 24 hours after the moment your account has overdue payments, with a service suspension notification displayed in the console. Top up your account to a positive balance to avoid affecting your business.
    • Within 7 days after your account has overdue payments for 24 hours, your RUM service will be suspended, but you can still view the reported application data in the console, and the service will be automatically resumed after your account balance becomes positive.

    Termination mechanism

    If your account has overdue payments for more than 7 days, your business system in RUM will be automatically terminated, and the data cannot be recovered.

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