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Environment Control

Last updated: 2022-02-09 16:16:22

Aegis will report the data environment as production, and you can modify it through the env parameter.

new Aegis({
id: '',
env: Aegis.environment.gray

Valid values of Aegis.environment:

export enum Environment {
production = 'production', // Production environment
gray = 'gray', // Beta test environment
pre = 'pre', // Prerelease environment
daily = 'daily', // Daily release environment
local = 'local', // Local environment
test = 'test', // Test environment
others = 'others' // Other environments

After you modify the env parameter, the data reported by Aegis will carry it to help you distinguish between the data from different environments. However, only data in the production environment can participate in the calculation of the project score.

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