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Installation and Initialization

Last updated: 2022-08-05 18:01:08


    • You can only use npm to install the SDK for mini program.
    • The SDK supports WeChat Mini Program and QQ Mini Program.

    aegis-sdk uses aegis.qq.com as the reporting domain by default. You can also use tamaegis.com as the reporting domain.


    To connect to a mini program in the production environment, you need to add the reporting domain as a secure domain.

    Installing SDK

    Run the following command to install aegis-mp-sdk in your npm repository:

    $ npm install --save aegis-mp-sdk


    Create an Aegis instance and pass in the corresponding configuration in the following steps to initialize the SDK:

    import Aegis from 'aegis-mp-sdk';

    const aegis = new Aegis({
    id: "pGUVFTCZyewxxxxx", // Project key
    uin: 'xxx', // User UIN (optional)
    reportApiSpeed: true, // API speed test
    spa: true, // Report the PV during page switch

    To avoid missing any data, you should initialize the SDK as early as possible. If you use miniprogram-api-promise to encapsulate the wx.request request in your mini program project, you should note that Aegis rewrites wx.request for API monitoring. Therefore, you must initialize Aegis before importing miniprogram-api-promise; otherwise, Aegis may fail to collect the complete API information.
    After you install and initialize the SDK, you can use the following RUM features:

    1. Error monitoring: JavaScript execution error monitoring.
    2. Speed test: API speed test.
    3. Statistics collection and analysis: you can analyze data in multiple dimensions on the Data Overview page in the RUM console.
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