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Last updated: 2022-08-04 10:24:30

Static Resource Monitoring APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDataStaticProject Gets DescribeDataStaticProject information
DescribeDataStaticResource Gets DescribeDataStaticResource information
DescribeDataStaticUrl Gets DescribeDataStaticUrl information

Console APIs

API Name Feature
CreateOfflineLogConfig Creates offline log listener
CreateProject Creates project
CreateReleaseFile Creates release file record
CreateStarProject Adds starred project
CreateTawInstance Creates RUM instance
CreateWhitelist Creates allowlist
DeleteInstance Deletes instance
DeleteOfflineLogConfig Deletes offline RUM log listener
DeleteOfflineLogRecord Deletes offline log record
DeleteProject Deletes RUM project
DeleteReleaseFile Deletes release file
DeleteStarProject Deletes starred project
DeleteWhitelist Deletes allowlist
DescribeData Gets QueryData
DescribeDataLogUrlInfo Gets dataloginfo information
DescribeDataPvUrlInfo Gets PvUrlInfo information
DescribeDataReportCount Gets the number of reported data entries
DescribeError Gets homepage error information
DescribeOfflineLogConfigs Gets the configuration of set offline log listener
DescribeOfflineLogRecords Get all (up to 100) offline records
DescribeOfflineLogs Gets specified offline log
DescribePvList Gets PV list
DescribeReleaseFileSign Gets temporary storage key
DescribeReleaseFiles Gets the list of sourcemap files of project
DescribeTawAreas Queries region information
DescribeUvList Gets UV list
DescribeWhitelists Gets allowlist list
ModifyInstance Modifies instance
ModifyProject Modifies project
ResumeInstance Resumes instance
StopInstance Stops instance

Exception Analysis APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDataLogUrlStatistics Gets LogUrlStatistics information

Custom Speed Test APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDataCustomUrl Gets DescribeDataCustomUrl information

Custom Event APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDataEventUrl Gets DescribeDataEventUrl information

Log APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLogExport Creates log download task
DeleteLogExport Deletes log download task
DescribeLogExports Gets the list of log download tasks
DescribeLogList Gets log list

API Monitoring APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDataFetchProject Gets DescribeDataFetchProject information
DescribeDataFetchUrl Gets DescribeDataFetchUrl information
DescribeDataFetchUrlInfo Gets DescribeDataFetchUrlInfo information

Business System and Project Information APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeProjectLimits Gets the list of project reporting rates
ModifyProjectLimit Adds or modifies data reporting limit

Page Performance APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDataPerformancePage Gets PerformancePage information
DescribeDataPerformanceProject Gets PerformanceProject information
DescribeDataPvUrlStatistics Gets DescribeDataPvUrlStatistics information
DescribeDataSetUrlStatistics Gets DescribeDataSetUrlStatistics information
DescribeDataWebVitalsPage Gets DescribeDataWebVitalsPage information
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