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Last updated: 2022-02-24 16:54:29

    CODING Code Repositories (CODING-CR) is a convenient cloud-based collaborative R&D tool powered by Tencent Cloud. It boasts the following benefits:

    High-availability repositories

    CODING-CR provides high-performance remote code repositories and unlimited distributed cloud computing and storage resources that can be managed in both Git and SVN modes. Its cloud-based high-availability environments guarantee the security of your data, and its local services deliver a faster user experience and support upload and download at unlimited speed.

    Code review

    CODING-CR allows developers to create a merge request after writing codes in order to invite other developers for code review. Codes can be reviewed line by line, which delivers better code reading and review experience and helps establish an all-around code review mechanism to minimize code errors and improve code quality.

    Release management

    CODING-CR enables Git-based version management. Specifically, it allows you to package and release codes at a certain node, with each version corresponding to a tag. You can select the latest code of a branch to release a version with an automatically generated changelog and standard version number, and associate it with tasks and milestones, which makes source code release and delivery more standardized and efficient.

    Code browsing

    CODING-CR delivers a great code browsing experience in which codes can be browsed side by side in a vertical and horizontal manner. In this way, you can see the code lines before and after each modification, understand how many lines of code are modified, and comment on each modified line. This gives a clear and complete picture of every code change made.

    Branch protection

    CODING-CR supports the granular management of code branches and the refined permission management for team members. It allows configuring branch admins so that only authorized members can make changes and specific branches can be protected from being tampered with by unauthorized members, making team collaboration more standardized and orderly.

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