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Manage Version Tag

Last updated: 2022-03-30 11:02:28

    This document describes how to manage version tags.

    Open Project

    1. Log in to the CODING Console and click the team domain name to go to CODING.
    2. Click in the upper-right corner to open the project list page and click a project icon to open the corresponding project.
    3. Select Code Repositories in the menu on the left and click Branches to go to the branch management page.

    If a multi-branch development workflow is used, we recommend you set the master branch as a protected branch. Developers can create temporary develop branches and initiate merge requests for them. After continuous integration (CI) and code reviews, developers can merge the develop branch into the master branch.

    In the code repository management list, click a specific code repository to go to the details page, and then click Versions > Tags to go to the version tag management list.

    All tags in the repository are displayed in the tag list by descending order of creation time. The tag names, tag descriptions, and versions are displayed in the tag list, which also provides entries to download versions as .zip and tar.gz files and delete tags. Click a tag name or version number to go to the details page of the code version.

    Create Tag

    In the tag management list, click Create Tag in the upper-right corner. Enter a tag name, select the code version (branch, tag, and revision number) for the tag, and enter a tag description to create a new tag.


    You can Set Protected Tags on the repository settings page to standardize the tag operations of members.

    View Release Info of a Tag

    If a code version is linked to the tag, click Version Description to view the release details. Click Edit Version Description to edit the release information.

    If a tag is not linked to any release, you can click Create Version Description to create a release for the tag.

    Delete Tag

    Only code tags not linked to a release can be deleted on the Tags page by the tag creator or admin.


    If a tag is associated to a release, the tag can only be deleted by deleting the linked version in Version Release.

    Allow Deletion and Force Push of Git Tags

    Project admins can check the checkbox to allow deletion and force push of Git tags in Settings > Code Tags. If this is disabled, no project member can delete Git tags or force push Git tags for modification, and tags cannot be deleted on the webpage.

    Set Protected Tags

    Protected tags are used to standardize the creation, update, or deletion of tags by specific members. After protected tag is enabled, only configured tag admins can create tags that match the tag rule. If *-release is set as a branch protection rule, non-admins will be prompted with the following when pushing the tag xxx-release via Git:

    They will also be unable to create tags or versions in Coding for Web.

    Sample scenario

    A team uses tags as triggers for CI builds. In other words, pushing tags such as v1.0-release is used as a release command in production branches.

    Protected tags can be used to only allow the tag admins to create these tags for release and keep the versions organized.

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