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Last updated: 2022-02-23 15:32:41

    Releasing various artifacts

    Docker images, WAR packages, Helm packages, and software source code can all be configured as to-be-released artifacts in CODING-CD, which can seamlessly connect to CODING-CI and CODING-AR to implement a complete CI/CD process.

    Supporting multiple operating environments

    Based on Spinnaker's infrastructure management capability, CODING-CD can connect to common runtime Ops systems and cloud native environments such as CVM, SCF, TKE, and Kubernetes.

    Flexible release process orchestration

    With continuous deployment streamlined by the release process, CODING-CD makes it easy to control the release of applications with multiple microservices across different cluster environments (testing, pre-release, and production). It also supports process pre-orchestration, rollback, and more features.

    Powerful approval system

    Predefined approval processes make the release process more stable and reliable. Different approval processes can be automatically selected based on different hierarchical levels involved in a release. Roles such as tester, product manager, and technical leader can be added to a release approval process as needed. Automated procedures and notification mechanism greatly improve the release efficiency.

    Static website service

    As a key feature of CODING-CD, the service allows you to deploy the code or project files in your code repository as a static website, which supports binding custom domain names and automatic renewal of SSL/TLS certificates. You can also build personal blogs, corporate websites, and other simple websites.

    Extended ecosystem

    The CODING-CD console is built on Spinnaker, an open-source project of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Optimized based on Spinnaker's international open-source ecosystem, the console can seamlessly connect to upstream and downstream development processes in CODING, providing an out-of-the-box development experience.

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