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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-02-16 16:56:49

    Website Risk Scan

    VSS scans your websites comprehensively to protect them from web vulnerabilities, 0/1/N-day vulnerabilities, availability threats, weak passwords, content security issues, trojans, and tampering.

    Server Risk Scan

    VSS can sort out your servers in and off the cloud and scan them for vulnerabilities, service availability issues, and port risks, helping you discover shadow assets and ports. The scan results will be further presented in asset analysis reports and vulnerability reports, together with professional repair suggestions.

    API Security

    VSS checks APIs for web-layer vulnerabilities, configuration compliance, data leakage, and feature availability, which facilitates your creation of proactive security models based on industry specifications such as OpenAPI as well as a unified API security solution.

    IoT Security

    VSS comes with many types of fingerprints and PoCs for IoT device discovery, vulnerability detection, and firmware security scan. It also provides code obfuscation and instruction-level binary obfuscation schemes based on a diversity of platforms such as ARM.

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